Guided Meditation & Relaxation w/ Dark Water Abstract Background

In this Livestream, we are streaming the best guided meditation tracks on this channel with calming dark water background.

What is Guided Meditation in simple words?

Guided Meditation is a deep state of focused relaxation induced and driven by another person. It can be a therapist, a spiritual advisor, a tape, or a recording of you playing it back for yourself. The guided meditation will teach you to mentally relax certain muscles in your body while at the same time leading you through visualization and imagery, often of soothing light, or sound, as well as the ability to release habitual stress. This type of meditation allows you to have complete control of your breathing and physical responses and enables you to control the mind rather than letting the mind control you. There is no right way to meditate; it’s completely individualized.

Also, you may check out our Full Guided Mediation Playlist here.

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